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TACT Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Don J. Giacchetti as a privately held consulting firm focused on providing general management, strategic, marketing, operational and financial advice, counsel and solutions to small and medium sized business clients. 
Don has over 25 years of business leadership experience, including Fortune 500 corporate organizations and small entrepreneurial environments. His broad background allows utilization of talents in the capacity of CEO, President, COO, General Manager or VP depending upon the needs of the organization and the skill sets of other executive team members. 
Under the TACT Solutions banner, Don has been engaged in the following significant executive and advisory roles: 


  • Retained as a Special Consultant to a large medical device/technology firm working with its respiratory care division with products (including use of pharma drugs) prescribed by 17,000 physicians for use by 100,000 patients in hospitals, clinics and home healthcare environments.
    • Facilitated 2 day offsite strategic planning session with 15 management participants. Achieved goal congruence and identified critical strategic initiatives. 
    • Facilitated Regional Directors sales meeting focused on leadership traits, skills, models and change management practices to enhance/ accelerate sales execution and effectiveness.
    • Worked with executive management, product management and sales team (consisting of 75 account executives in USA) to assess current sales processes, target customer criteria, sales distribution channels, sales forecasting/reporting processes and organizational structures.
    • Provided mentoring services to sales leadership staff.

  • Engaged  as a Strategic Advisor to a software firm developing a healthcare patient referral-management software product and services to be used in hospitals, clinics and other acute care facilities in the discharge of patients to appropriate post-acute care facilities. Assisted firm with identifying the total addressable market (TAM) opportunity, refining the product/services solution specs and value proposition, developing the associated pricing/profitability model along with go-to-market and sales distribution channels strategy. Assessed competitive landscape including communications workflow systems/processes from healthcare management systems firms including Epic, McKesson, Cerner and Allscripts while also evaluating strategic “co-opetition” opportunities.

  • Engaged as a Management Consultant to a medical device firm marketing thermally assisted pulsed electromagnetic field (TA-PEMF) therapy products for arthritis joint pain and inflammation reduction with future potential for cartilage restoration. Worked with CEO/Founder (former Johnson & Johnson Exec VP R&D) on product management, go-to-market strategy, sales/distribution channel tactics and fund raising. 

  • Retained as Interim CEO for a start-up computer technology firm developing disruptive predictive analytics software and ASIC chip hardware technology that delivers extreme computing speed by addressing the I/O bottleneck between data storage and CPU system memory.

  • Engaged as a Management Consultant facilitating strategic planning sessions and performing special projects for an engineering services firm providing "last mile" of telecom delivery and energy grid management services. 

  • Retained as a Special Advisor providing general management advice, business planning and fund raising efforts to an early stage medical device company using nano-technology with polymers as a technology platform for pharma-medical drug delivery and other therapeutic treatments. Raised $300,000 of seed capital through med-tech executives/investors and a large strategic healthcare organization. 

  • Retained as President for a $20 million medical device design-development-mfg division of a publicly held firm for Class I-II-III FDA approved devices. Implemented new sales processes, focused on essential business management practices, established critical credibility with corporate parent and coached an existing team member to be General Manager.

  • Retained as interim-CEO and strategic and operational consultant for an information management software/hardware firm serving enterprise customers. A key focus was the healthcare industry with hospitals/clinics processing HIPAA privacy/security compliant healthcare documents and communications involving patient registrations, insurance forms, medical records and payments. Developed the formal strategic business plan with management including P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash-Flow and operational initiatives. Restructured product management and sales distribution focus/efforts for increased effectiveness. Implemented new product pricing including establishing highly profitable annual maintenance/support services.

  • Retained as President for an integrated marketing services company using digital media. Worked with CEO/Founder to shift strategy toward higher margin content ownership and project management services. Obtained critical outside bank financing to manage working capital needs.

  •  Retained as a Management Consultant to a specialized healthcare planning and project management firm focused on hospitals and clinics. Scope included articulating a credible business plan, market analysis and assessing competitive positioning, developing strategic alternatives for execution and organizational structure/locations for implementation. Provided advice and counsel on shareholder liquidity path and owner management exit.

  • Retained as an outside Director on the Board of Directors and as a Special Advisor to a privately held data storage firm.

  • Retained as a Special Advisor to a web applications cybersecurity software firm.



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